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The acquisition of autumn launched

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"This year's summer grain output reached 282100000000 tons, a record high, an increase of 8900000000 pounds. At the same time, the main grain producing areas acquisition is progressing smoothly, an end to the season of summer grain purchase; as the annual commissariat buys the highlight of the acquisition of autumn also in the country started one after another. " This is the latest progress of the China Business Times reporter learned from the State Administration of grain in 2015 summer and autumn acquisitions.
The main producing areas of summer acquisition work smoothly, the acquisition of summer season end. According to the State Grain Bureau of statistics, as of September 30, Hebei and other 11 main producing areas of the cumulative acquisition of wheat 132.6 billion pounds, down 14.6 billion pounds; Jiangxi 8 main producing regions and a cumulative acquisition of early indica rice 159 billion kilograms, representing a decrease of 1.1 billion pounds. State Grain Bureau believes that the main reason for the acquisition is part of the region due to the continuous rain and rain and lead to the wheat is not more than the grain.
In addition, as the highlight of the annual grain acquisition autumn preparation work has been basically completed. National Food Authority on September 18 in Harbin held the national grain autumn acquisition work conference, on the arrangements for the acquisition. At present, throughout the preparatory work basically completed, the acquisition of autumn is launched.

In late indica rice acquisitions, the southern New Late Indica rice have been listed, Anhui, Sichuan, Hubei Province started in late rice in the minimum purchase price of the implementation of the plan. According to statistics, as of September 30th, the 6 main producing areas in Jiangsu, the cumulative acquisition of late indica rice 2900000000 kg, an increase of 800000000 pounds.

Source: "China Business Times" (October 12, 2015 02 Edition)