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Grain group

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Grain Group Co., Ltd., is a large food business enterprise integrating wheat research, development, production, sales, distribution and grain purchase, storage, import and export trade, port logistics management as a whole.
Suifeng food group limited company headquarters is located in the "China grain logistics processing first town" - Dongguan City Machong town. Is located in the Pearl River Delta economic circle of the most central, 107 National Road, Guangzhou Shenzhen high-speed, wide and deep along the river, the Pearl River Basin, such as perfect land, water transport network conditions, for the company's development provides a unique resource advantages. At present, Sui Feng group respectively in the "South China the largest inland port in Machong town high tech Development Zone in Xinsha port" have Dongguan Guofeng grain and Oil Co., Ltd., Dongguan Suifeng Food Co., Ltd., Dongguan City new Ka Shing Logistics Co., Ltd., and in the "township of the Chinese hot - Meizhou Fengshun County Fengshun Ruifeng Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs Co., Ltd. a subsidiary of 4.
Under the flag of Guofeng grain and Oil Co., Ltd. covers an area of 400 acres; has two million ton grain wharf berths; has 50 million tons storage capacity PLC automation control of modern national standard stand silo; 5 million tons storage capacity mechanized warehouse; in built 450000 tons Cang PLC automation control of modern national standardization shallow silo; has four automatic flour production line, daily processing capacity of 2400 tons.
Guangzhou Food Co., Ltd. covers an area of 150 acres; with 5000 tons, 2000 tons of grain dedicated terminal berths. With 15 million tons of storage capacity of PLC automatic control for the modernization of the national standard silo; has seven full automatic flour production line, daily processing capacity of 3000 tons.
Ruifeng cereal and oil Food Co., Ltd. covers an area of 150 acres; has 7 million tons storage capacity PLC automation control of modern national standard stand silo, in built 10 million tons storage capacity PLC automation control of modern national standard shallow silo. Has a fully automated flour production line, the daily processing capacity of 500 tons.
Group has been adhering to the development of the company to share with the results of the development of the group, while the group's development and growth, and constantly improve the administrative, living facilities, the group has a modern office building, one-stop service center, superior staff accommodation and indoor multi-purpose sports entertainment facilities, to bring good living conditions.
Group uphold modern management concept, have a professional management team, and have perfect modern laboratory equipment facilities, annual processing 2 million tons of wheat of automated production equipment, four annual handling capacity of 10 million ton grain wharf berths, super millions of tons of modern national standards for food storage group, the modernization of bulk cargo yard, professional of bulk grain transportation team and strong grain procurement team, for the company's industrial chain development laid the solid foundation.
The group is the executive director of the National Food Industry Association, Guangdong Province, the executive chairman of the food industry association, Dongguan City Food Industry Association President units. 2006 "won the" Guangdong Guangzhou Jiafeng "famous brand" title. 2010 by the Guangdong Provincial Military Logistics Department identified for the provision of emergency support mobilization of enterprise; in 2011 by the national Ministry of agriculture, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of finance, the Ministry of Commerce and other eight ministries jointly identified as a national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization. In 2011 by the China Food Industry Association as the Chinese wheat flour processing enterprises 50 strong; China Agricultural Development Bank identified as the "gold customer" and other honorary titles of grain and oil credit system.
Due to the good, good quality! Sui Feng Group has been adhering to the "quality is the root, the credibility of the, service supreme, mutual win-win" concept of development, carry forward the "Houde, letter, truth-seeking, innovative" spirit of enterprise, is committed to building the South China area "the largest production scale, technology and equipment most advanced, the most complete facilities, the overall strength of the strongest" of a large group of food industry and for the society to make greater contributions.


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